Classroom Cruelty

Whitney and Chicklett Salina Journal
Why I Took Chicklett and Ran! by Whitney Hillman

Photo: Tom Dorsey, Salina Journal
Blood, Gore, and Violence: Teaching Children to Kill Chickens in High School
Winter-Spring 2010-2011 Poultry Press

Alcona Elementary Teaches Classroom Cruelty

St. Cecilia Catholic School Teaches Children to Mistreat Chickens for Fun

"Art" Student Tortures a Chicken to Death in School Cafeteria

Petition to Stop the Harming and Killing of Animals in Florida Classroom

Concordia High School Teacher Bullies Students to Kill Chickens

Idaho School Arms Children with Knives to Kill Chickens

Controversial Canandaigua Academy Chicken Project

Slaughter of Animals in California Schools

University of Delaware Nutritional Deprivation Experiments On Chicks and Ducklings

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