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3 February 2016
“Cockfighting” ROOSTERS Find Homes

Ohio sanctuary rescued 47 “cockfighting” roosters & “breeding” hens – Read on!

Happy Trails Posted This Call for Help:

Thank you so much for helping to spreading the word about the cockfighting roosters in need of homes! Below is information on the raid:

Last week Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary assisted an Ohio county humane society, Animal Charities, not once, but twice, with removing chickens from two different cockfighting raids in Mahoning County. The first raid resulted in 18 chickens and the second raid resulted in 29 chickens, for a current total of 47 roosters (and some hens).

Animal Charities requested our assistance in the first raid after US Marshals attempted to serve a warrant on a man wanted for other crimes. At the residence they arrested the man, handcuffed him, put him in the cruiser, and he escaped with the handcuffs on. They discovered the live birds inside the house plus 30+ dead chickens as well as remains of other chickens near a burn pile.

We are hoping to continue to help remove the birds from these hideous conditions and re-home as many as possible. We are reaching out to you for your help.

Cockfighting rooster in need of home

Photo of rescued “cockfighting” rooster
by Happy Trails

The lives of these birds are horrific and I couldn't imagine leaving them behind. The entire group from the first raid were emaciated and severely dehydrated. Many of them are friendly and appreciated the attention and being held.

If you are able to help by taking in any of the birds, transporting them to other sanctuaries or facilities, donating large crates or cages, or spreading the word that help is needed, we would greatly appreciate your networking support.

Below is our facebook page with a current post that you can copy and share or use the pictures and copy in an email:


Please let me know if you hear of any avenues for placement that we can pursue, and thanks again for spreading the word!

Amanda Fowler
Administrative Assistant
Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Inc


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