4 January 2018

“Fighting Cocks” in French Polynesia

We are on a Windstar cruise to Tahiti and have visited several islands. To my horror, I found these poor birds behind the Vanilla House on the island of Huahine. I spoke in French to the Tahitians who worked there so they would be sure to understand that this is cruelty to animals. Upon further investigation, I asked a French woman guide on another island about it and she told me that cock fighting is illegal, but the police do nothing about it. I posted pictures on my Facebook page and I spoke to the captain, David Adrian, on the "Wind Spirit" that the cruise company should cancel tours to the Maison de Vanille until the cock fighting stops. The captain said there was nothing he could do about it since they weren't doing cock fighting in the tour.

I am sending these photos in hopes you may be able to put pressure on to help those poor birds.

Barbara Lafaver Gleason, December 12, 2017