July 17, 2020

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July 17, 2020

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear:
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Attorney General of Kentucky

Kentucky State Police commissioner

Lt. Colonel, Operations Division, Kentucky State Police

Assistant for the general counsel of the Office of the Governor

Dear Kentucky Lawmakers:

On behalf of United Poultry Concerns, I am writing to urge you to strengthen and uphold an enforceable anti-cockfighting law in Kentucky. Recent documentation of cockfighting events in Kentucky by the organization SHARK shows how important this action is.

I believe most Kentucky citizens want a state that respects its laws and its animals. There are well-documented links between animal abuse and human abuse, as I’m sure you know. Cockfighting encourages people, including children, to commit acts of cruelty for pleasure, endangering both humans and animals.

Through the years, we’ve adopted many roosters from cockfighting raids into our sanctuary in Virginia. Recovered from the traumas of the cockfighting environment, they live peaceably with their hens in our predator-proof outdoor aviary, sunning themselves, dustbathing, foraging, perching, and behaving normally – not crazily. Roosters forced to act out human aggressive have little to do with how roosters live on their own accord. Compulsive fighting is not a natural part of their behavior. In Nature, roosters are busy raising and protecting their families and foraging and socializing with their flock. Their natural behavior is reflected in our sanctuary.

Please make cockfighting and all related activities a felony crime in Kentucky, and enforce the law and penalties. If you could please send an informative response to this letter, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. I hope to hear from you.



Karen Davis, PhD
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