7 January 2021

SHARK Attack by Cockamaniacs

In honor & memory of Mr-Sippi, rescued from cockfighters in Mississippi and brought to our sanctuary in January 2009. Mr-Sippi died of complications relating to advanced age on Christmas night 2020.

Yesterday’s assault on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC displayed the mentality of people for whom physical violence is an exhilarating outlet for grievance and the euphoria of entertainment. It seemed to me watching their behavior that many if not most would, or already do, relish a cockfight as spectators, breeders, and “trainers” of birds who cannot protect themselves from the torment. Intrepid animal activist and documentarian Steve Hindi, founder of Showing Animals Respect and Kindness known as SHARK, got a sample a few days ago of how it could feel being a bird in the clutches of people like these.

Watch the video of the attacks

Image with YouTube play button and message: On January 3rd, 2021, 
    two investigators from SHARK drove to a suspected illegal cockfighting 
    operation in Lawrence County, OH.


What was done yesterday on Capitol Hill has been accurately described as domestic terrorism. In Lawrence County, Ohio, Steve Hindi was physically attacked by cockfighters in another January 2021 domestic terror attack. In this country and around the world chickens and other innocent creatures know life only as the pain and fear of human terrorism. Their experience of being alive in the flesh is human-inflicted wounds, degradation, and death in the name of “food,” “entertainment,” “fashion,” and “research.” If we don’t want to be victims of terrorism ourselves, then we need to stop behaving like terrorists toward other animals. If we reject White Supremacy, we must reject Human Supremacy. If we want peace, we have to be peacemakers, instead of what we mostly now are. Karen Davis, President, United Poultry Concerns

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Collage with bloodied rooster in front of Wayne National Forest sign
Collage by Beth Clifton

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