United Poultry Concerns
10 May 2011
Promoting & Practicing a Vegan Diet: Easy for Some, Hard for Others?
UPC President Karen Davis Interview with Eugene Veg Education Network

“There are many ways to advocate for a vegan diet and animal rights, and many channels of communication. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that people love Personal Stories. By framing your advocacy message in the form of a Personal Story of how you became aware of animal suffering, and what led you to change, you engage people’s interest without threatening them. You show people by example that it’s possible and liberating to change one’s habits into something new and better.” – KAREN DAVIS, PRESIDENT OF UNITED POULTRY CONCERNS. Read the Interview:


This Interview appears in the online Newsletter of EVEN, Eugene Veg Education Network. EVEN has developed a page of exclusive interviews with leaders in their fields who are deeply committed to a vegan diet and lifestyle. http://www.eugeneveg.org/interviews.htm

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