United Poultry Concerns
2 June 2011
Tracing My Own Personal Food Route
By Robert Grillo

robert grillo and doris
Robert Grillo, founder and editor of Free from Harm holds Doris, one of his beloved hens.

Lessons from family

I am an independent writer and marketing consultant who has lived in Chicago all my life. I was raised in an Italian-American home with parents who both loved to cook. My father grew up in a very poor immigrant family where meat and cheese were considered a luxury. Perhaps that was why he was so insistent that every meal be centered around meat. On the weekends, he would plan elaborate dishes inspired by Julia Child that would take him all day to prepare. My father’s life was taken by cancer at only 49, while his father lived until 92.

I grew up during a time when it was fashionable to replace red meat with poultry and fish. This shift from the meat of mammals to birds and fish was pitched to us as healthier. But in 2009, what I began to learn completely transformed not just my thinking on food but more importantly my actions. Read more. . . .


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