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13 April 2013
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Ethical Eating

by Karen Davis

Karen - hard at work for UPC

Can An Ethical Person Have a Chicken or a Turkey for Dinner?

I did not grow up around chickens and turkeys. I didn’t get to know these birds until later in life. My first encounter with a turkey took place at a sanctuary in Pennsylvania in the mid-1980s where I worked one summer as a volunteer. Right around that time, my husband and I rented a place in Maryland where it turned out our landlady kept a flock of about a hundred white chickens who disappeared after seven weeks – all but one.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 5:54 PM, 04.10.2013

Robert with friend, Sweet Pea

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The "Flexitarian" Consumer

by Robert Grillo

The current proliferation of vegan products is unprecedented. Venture capital firms are now investing in vegan products, not for the niche vegetarian / vegan markets, but instead where the real money is: in the estimated 100-million “flexitarian” American consumers.

In my own small world, I am seeing evidence of this growth in vegan offerings more and more. Medici’s, a pizza institution in Chicago that hasn’t changed its menu in decades, now offers vegan cheese. Many of the cafes and bake shops now have vegan offerings as well. While it is great to see this proliferation of vegan-friendly offerings, for those of us who are already aware of and pledge not to support the injustices to dairy cows (and their young) and egg-laying hens, we face a disturbing new reality here.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 5:55 PM, 04.10.2013

Do contented chickens purr? Listen to Doris:

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