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12 October 2015
Stop (Saying) Factory Farming
The Term “Factory Farming” is Not Vegan


By Hope Bohanec, Projects Manager for United Poultry Concerns

Advocates fighting for farmed animals should be proud as we have come a long way in educating the public about the horrors of animal agriculture. Just a couple of decades ago, the only soy milk was in powder form; if you wanted a vegan cookie, you had to bake it yourself; and vegans often ventured into restaurants with trepidation for fear of their sanity– and leave hungry. Now, there are vegan chain restaurants and vegan doughnuts alongside national media stories about caged hens, immobilized sows, and overcrowded cows. The number of animals killed in the U.S. is going down by the hundreds of thousands and the fact that animals suffer to produce meat, dairy and eggs is quickly becoming common knowledge. Vegan is now a household word.

Read the article: Stop (Saying) Factory Farming



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