8 July 2020

Geese family
Photo © Bruce Andrew Peters


Peaceful Canada geese – up to 4,000 – are being brutally rounded up for slaughter again this year, according to Canada Geese Protection Colorado, in an alert posted July 7 by Marc Bekoff.

This nightmare is headed up by Denver Parks and Recreation’s executive director, Scott Gilmore. He calls it a "rodeo" and blames the geese for damaging the environment.

Please read this clear summary of the situation by Canada Geese Protection Colorado, and then take action:

City and Federal Agencies Ignore Public Outcry Over Slaughter of Canada Geese in Denver

Excerpt from the summary:

“For the second year in a row, Denver Parks and Recreation is attempting to rely on killing geese as a method of addressing the perceived nuisance of Canada geese resident in Denver parks. In 2019, without any substantive, transparent, or meaningful public engagement or notification, and in direct violation of its own policies, Denver Parks and Recreation hatched and executed a misguided, lazy plan to capture and slaughter Denver’s resident Canada geese because they do not regard them as sentient beings with a right to their own existence, are too lazy to clean our parks of goose feces, listened to an elite group calling for lethal population control, and were impatient, looking for a quick fix to a problem they created. Numerous humane alternatives to control the population and impact of Canada geese exist, such as habitat modification, hazing, egg oiling, public education, cleaning, and more.”

Geese trapped in small pen
Geese being rounded up for slaughter.

Cognitive ethologist and Colorado resident Dr. Marc Bekoff writes:

“This is not euthanasia, or mercy-killing, as they often claim to sanitize what they're doing, but outright slaughter/murder. Geese are highly sentient and emotional beings who can mate for life. This slaughter is a bloodbath – an act of pure, shameful, unnecessary cruelty.”

What Can I Do?

Please call and/or write to Scott Gilmore, executive director of Denver Parks and Recreation. Politely urge the employment of peaceful, compassionate alternatives to the brutal killing of these innocent birds.

Email: scott.gilmore@denvergov.org
Phone: 720-837-0489
Mobile: 720-913-0685


Read: Karen's letter to Scott Gilmore


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