UPC Blasts Ostrich-Emu Barn at CA State Fair

UPC leafleted thousands of fairgoers against the ostrich and emu trade at the California State Fair, August 18-Sept. 4, in Sacramento. Together with United Animal Nations, who successfully organized local volunteers, we passed out 10,000 UPC information brochures, "Nowhere to Hide." UPC president Karen Davis flew to CA for the opening days of the fair, proclaiming to fairgoers and the news media, "The ostrich slaughter process is cruel to the point of criminal imbecility. The living bird is shaved naked and slaughtered in a way that would shame us as a nation if this sick business were adopted. Americans are not going to swallow a vile dish of ostrich or emu when they know the bizarre horror of it."

UPC would like to thank all of our donors who responded quickly and generously to our urgent request for contributions to print the brochures and organize the event. A very special thank you to United Animal Nations and The Humane Farming Association for their significant financial support, to Teri Barnato of AVAR for her gracious hospitality, and to UPC member Patricia Yelick, whose gift of a standby ticket made possible the trip to CA. UPC is deeply grateful for staff participation from the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights, The Fund for Animals, Action for Animals, In Defense of Animals, and United Animal Nations.

A GIANT Victory for Emus

UPC joined Frank Branchini, Executive Director of the Anne Arundel County, MD SPCA, in a successful protest-letter campaign to stop Giant Food from selling emu at the gourmet Giant in McLean, VA. Writers received a written reply from Giant's Vice President of Consumer Affairs, Odonna Mathews, stating, "Please know that due to a lack of consumer interest, we no longer carry it." Thank you Giant.