7 January 2020

UPC letter to Dunn County, WI officials, Jan. 7, 2020

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January 7, 2020

Andrea Nodolf
Dunn County District Attorney

Brian Johnson
Dunn County Board Supervisor District 1

Kevin Bygd
Dunn County Sheriff’s Office

Dear Ms. Nodolf, Mr. Johnson, and Sheriff Bygd:

On behalf of United Poultry Concerns, I respectfully urge you to use your influence to eliminate the annual “chicken toss” in Ridgeland. Many people have begged Dunn County officials for years to put an end to this cruel, sadistic, mean-spirited (and drunken) entertainment.

If citizens want to find or give new homes to chickens, they can do so peaceably in an exchange without abusing the birds, many of whom are already sick and frostbitten and in need of immediate veterinary care as was documented last year by rescuers.

If citizens want to throw things from a roof for entertainment, why not throw small household items, clothing, toys and other things for people to capture from the ground? The point is to stop mistreating these defenseless, suffering birds and create ways to have fun that do not involve animal abuse.

Thank you for your consideration of our concern for these birds. We urge that chickens and all creatures be treated with compassion and respect. We would appreciate a response from you. We hope for good news.



Karen Davis, PhD


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