18 January 2020

PETITION: End Criminal “Chicken Toss”

Chicken being tossed from the roof of a building into a crowd of people.
Desensitizing children to the feelings of animals is part of the purpose of this brutal event.

PETITION: End Criminal “Chicken Toss” at Pioneer Days in Ridgeland, Wisconsin!

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Stop Cruel Chicken Toss Now!

Advocates have assembled extensive video and photographic documentation which includes footage of the “chicken fly” (also known as the “chicken toss” and “chicken drop”) during which hundreds of chickens are thrown forcibly off a roof into a shrieking crowd of inebriated people below. The crowd then fights amongst themselves to tackle and capture the birds, terrorizing, often injuring and even killing them in the mayhem.

What More Can I Do?
Urge Ridgeland, Wisconsin Officials to Stop Cruel Chicken Toss

Please call these Dunn County officials and urge them to prohibit the “chicken toss” this year. Whether you reach a live person or a recording, leave a brief, clear, and respectful message expressing your concern for the chickens: their fear and possible injury and the frigid weather.

United Poultry Concerns is a signatory to this year’s formal letter to Ridgeland officials and “chicken toss” sponsors, prepared by attorneys for United Against Cruelty:

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These frostbitten chickens were rescued by activists in 2019 from the “chicken toss.”
Five chickens in a dry bath tub

Five chickens standing on the floor of a house

Closeup of the chickens legs

Thank you for taking action for these chickens.
United Poultry Concerns

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