30 October 2018

Speaking Up For Chickens: In Tune To Nature and Hampton Roads VegFest

On September 25, UPC president Karen Davis did a 20-minute live Interview with radio host Sonia Swartz on “In Tune To Nature” in Atlanta Georgia prompted by the drowning and starvation of millions of chickens, turkeys and pigs victimized by Hurricane Florence and the poultry industry in North Carolina.

Listen to Karen's interview here:

In Tune To Nature

Karen holding Simi
Photo of Karen Davis and Simi by Ryan Phillips, Oct. 28, 2018

On Oct. 28, Karen Davis spoke at the 3rd annual Hampton Roads VegFest in Chesapeake Virginia on the pros & cons of backyard chicken-keeping. Karen received warm accolades from people grateful for so much valuable and enthusiastic information about chickens – things they’d not known before. While tabling, Karen was approached by a man lovingly holding a chicken! Here they are at the festival, Karen with Simi, a young hen who was rescued from an industrial chicken house in Virginia to live with Ryan Phillips, founder of Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary in Williamsburg, VA. Simi was saved just days before her life would have ended in agony in a “processing plant.” Now she is safe.

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