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22 January 2015
Petition Demands Agriculture Secretary Shut Down US Meat Animal Research Center
Farm Animals Tortured- Please Sign This Petition & Share!
January 2015 Animal Place Website

Dear Friend,

Did you know your tax dollars fund this? ------>

The New York Times recently exposed that tax dollars are used to fund cruel experiments on farmed animals at the little known US Meat Animal Research Center in Nebraska.

Sign our petition and demand the Secretary of Agriculture shut down the US Meat Animal Research Center.

Lamb killed in 'easy-care' experiment

Tax-payer funded killings of lambs

More than 7,000 animals have died due to starvation, cruel genetic manipulation, lack of veterinary care. For a facility that is supposed to be "state of the art", having more than 6,500 animals die of starvation is gross neglect and cruelty.

Please sign and then share this petition, asking the Secretary of Agriculture to shut down the US Meat Animal Research Center.

Marji Beach

With compassion,
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Marji Beach
Education Director
Animal Place

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