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Freddaflower Memorial Fund

The pain of losing them is the price we pay for the privilege of knowing them and sharing their lives. . . . Vicky Barbee

We thank those people who have contributed to our work with recent donations In Loving Memory and in Honor and Appreciation of the following beloved family members and friends:

In memory of Belladonna, UPC rescued Cypress hen. A soul that adds beauty and grace to life creates something wonderful that lasts forever. – Catherine Drysdale

In memory of Seneca and Betsy, two hens rescued from abuse by Farm Sanctuary. – Ruth A. Michel

In loving memory of Pretty-boy. – Lydia C. Giglio

In honor of Lucy Ross. – Thomas Lewis

In honor of Judy Kane. – Caroline Kane

In memory of Ginger, owned by Kathy Feldman. Ginger was a beautiful hen. May she rest in joyful chicken heaven. – Louisa Jaskulski

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