UPC Sanctuary Welcomes 28 New Residents

Felix the Baby “Broiler” Rooster Rescued from Maryland Highway


On June 9, while driving up Route 13 on the Delmarva Peninsula in Maryland, I saw a baby chicken lying on his back in the middle of the highway. As cars and trucks whizzed by, I screeched on the brakes, ran into the road, and turned the chicken gently over. He was badly bruised and wounded, but alive! With stitches, antibiotics and TLC, FELIX is doing great. UPC staffer Mary Finelli and her partner Howard Edelstein contributed enormously to his recovery. On July 10, Felix crowed his first crow at our sanctuary, where he’s happy to be alive, safe, loved and enjoying his summer days. Give him a little tofu before bedtime and he chirps loudly with joy!

UPC Adopts 25 “Hurricane Katrina” Hens

Katrina Hen Matilda

On June 17, UPC member John Huber, of Lancaster County, Pa., drove 25 “broiler” hens from Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY to our sanctuary in Machipongo. The hens were rescued last August together with hundreds of other chickens, of whom many were found buried alive – and saved by activists – during the hurricane. Today these large, friendly white hens roam peacefully at UPC, enjoying cool breezes under the trees and the companionship of their friends. We are deeply grateful to John for bringing these birds safely, over a long distance, to our shelter.

Frankincense, Guinevere and Gwendolyn


Four years ago in November, Frankincense the peacock appeared voluntarily at our sanctuary, and he’s lived here ever since, perching high in the trees at night, meowing like a Cat of the Baskervilles, doing his amazing horn call, and displaying his fabulous feathers to the unfazed chickens. Now he has two new friends. On May 16, Maryland resident Janice Brose rescued two beautiful peahens, Guinevere and Gwendolyn, from a tourist resort that would no longer keep them, and brought them to UPC. Last week, just after dawn, I watched Gwendolyn from an upstairs window taking a luxurious dustbath all by herself, out in the front yard beneath the cedar trees. What a perfect way, for both of us, to start the day. 
–  Karen Davis, UPC President  

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