Remembering Friends

Freddaflower Memorial & Appreciation Fund

The pain of losing them is the price we pay for the privilege of knowing them and sharing their lives. . . .
– Vicky Barbee

We thank those people who have contributed to our work with recent donations In Loving Memory and in Honor and Appreciation of the following beloved family members and friends:

  • In honor of St. Martin De Porres. – Brien J. Comerford
  • In honor of Leonard, Nathaniel, Julie, and Fredericka. – Paul Deane
  • In memory of Sweetness, my beloved duck, who despite physical pain, was comforted by the companionship of her loyal and protective mate. – Karen Ball
  • In memory of Libby, Edward, and Landers, who are deeply missed. – Barbara Joyce Landers
  • In dearest memory of my utterly precious little silkie hen, Sophia, whose capacity to love changed my life. I can’t imagine not feeling her soft feathers or looking into her sweet big brown eyes. With her passing, the world has lost a tender soul. – Lynn Terzich
  • In memory of a bird I had the misfortune of accidentally hitting with my car today. It just flew into my windshield. My donation can’t help that bird, but it can at least help me feel a little balance, so if there’s a way to make this donation go straight to the chickens at your sanctuary, that’d be great. – Matthew Liebman
  • I’ve been wanting to send you a donation and just ran across your address in “Animal People.” I wish I could give more, but here’s a token in memory of all the truckloads of chickens I’ve wished I could hi-jack. – Marilee Meyer
UPC sanctuary assistant Carol Baker and Moses
UPC sanctuary assistant Carol Baker and Moses