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12 May 2016
2016 Conscious Eating Conference Videos
Conscious Eating: 
Local, Organic, Plant-Based – What are the Most Compassionate Choices?


Hope Bohanec, The Humane Hoax

Edita Birnkrant, Free-Range Ranching and Animal Agriculture’s
Devastating Impact on the Environment & Wildlife

Robert Jones, PhD, How Not To Be Vegan

Michael Bedar, Christopher Locke, and Ruby Roth,
Fiction and Children’s Authors Panel

pattrice jones, Mad Cows, Queer Ducks, and Unconventional Sheep:
What I've Learned about Intersectionality from Animals at VINE Sanctuary

Donny Moss, Our Virtual World: Impacting Videos to Help Animals

Karen Davis, PhD, My Personal Path and
Rocky Road to Thinking Like a Chicken

Panel Discussion, Ask the Experts

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