27 February 2017

Pet Food Products & Chick Hatching Projects: What Can People Do?

1. “The Real Pet Food Industry” by United Poultry Concerns

"'Pet food' sounds animal-friendly, but behind the scenes, millions of baby chicks and adult birds are suffocated and shredded to death for pet food and farmed animal feed. Embryonic chick-sexing technology may soon reduce the numbers of chicks born to be met by grinders and plastic trash bags. How should people who care about animals respond to this complex ethical dilemma?" Continue reading . . .

Whole-Earth pet food next to dead chicks



2. “Alternatives to Chick Hatching Projects” by United Poultry Concerns

Hatching Good Lessons is a guide booklet for elementary school teachers and other educators including parents. Following a brief overview of the problems involved with classroom bird-hatching and mechanical incubation, you’ll find a variety of exciting learning activities for students in grades K-6 on the development and life of chickens and other birds. In addition to the activities presented in this booklet, we invite you to visit School Hatching Projects for more program ideas.

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Hatching Good Lessons

Child's drawing of farmer with chickens

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