6 March 2022

Alternatives to School Hatching Projects and Facts About Chickens

Podcaster Marian Erikson explains on Plant Based Briefing:

“It’s spring hatching project time in some schools. Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns explains why teachers are strongly encouraged to replace hatching projects with programs and activities that teach life cycles and inspire students to appreciate, respect, and learn about the amazing life of birds on our planet and in their own neighborhoods.”
Marian Erikson, Plant Based Briefing

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Hatching Good Lessons: Alternatives to School Hatching Projects, with interesting facts about chickens, can be ordered from United Poultry Concerns in print form, and it can also be read & downloaded on our website. For those who are interested, I wrote, as well, a children's storybook about an elementary school hatching project called A Home for Henny, available in print through our website merchandise pages.

Please see also: Ducks are NOT Easter Toys! Do Not Buy, Sell, or Release These Birds into “the Wild”!.
Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

Hatching Good Lessons

Alternatives To School Hatching Projects

Alternatives to School Hatching Projects

Hatching Good Lessons is a guide booklet for elementary school teachers and other educators including parents. Following a brief overview of the problems involved with classroom bird-hatching and mechanical incubation, you’ll find a variety of exciting learning activities for students in grades K-6 on the development and life of chickens and other birds. In addition to the activities presented in this booklet, we invite you to visit School Hatching Projects for more program ideas.