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10 July 2012
Chicken Bad! Dairy Bad! Vegan Nutrition Good!
Three News Items

REPORT: Superbug Dangers in Chicken Linked to 8 Million
At-Risk Women

Jim Avila ABC News, July 11, 2012

“If the medical researchers are right, [there] is compelling new evidence of a direct link between the pervasive, difficult-to-cure human disease and the antibiotic-fed chicken people buy at the grocery store. . . . ‘We’re particularly interested in chickens. They, in many cases, are getting drugs from the time that they were in an egg all the way up to the time they are slaughtered,’ [epidemiologist Amee] Manges said.”


Got Milk? You Don’t Need It
By MARK BITTMAN The New York Times, July 7, 2012

“So, three months ago, I decided to give up dairy products as a test. Twenty-four hours later, my heartburn was gone. . . . Osteoporosis? You don’t need milk, or large amounts of calcium, for bone integrity. In fact, the rate of fractures is highest in milk-drinking countries, and it turns out that the keys to bone strength are lifelong exercise and vitamin D, which you can get from sunshine. Most humans never tasted fresh milk from any source other than their mother for almost all of human history. . . .”


The Vegan Campus
By Laura Perry, Photos by Dwight Eschliman
Published July 1, 2012

“UCLA experts in diverse disciplines are exploring how vegetarianism can boost human health and alleviate a host of environmental challenges, including global warming, deforestation, pollution and overfishing, among others.”


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