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28 January 2011
Live Poultry Markets Targeted by Activists in San Francisco and West New York, NJ

San Francisco Activists File Lawsuit Against Live Poultry Vendor & Farmers’ Market

San Francisco animal rights activists Andrew Zollman and Alex Felsinger who with other activists protest and investigate live bird sales in San Francisco under the name LGBT Compassion have filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of the State of California alleging continuous abuse from Raymond Young Poultry’s employees.

The activists, represented by attorney Matt Gonzalez of Gonzalez & Leigh, also contend their free speech rights have been violated on several occasions by Heart of the City Farmers’ Market and Raymond Young Poultry’s employees. The activists have documented atrocious acts of animal cruelty and filthy conditions in violation of state laws. To read the entire press release, go to http://lgbtcompassion.org/livemarkets/press%20release-lawsuit.pdf

For more information about the San Francisco campaign, see www.upc-online.org/livemarkets.


New Jersey Activists Protest Cruelty at Marzigliano’s Live Poultry Market

“It’s not just about the poultry market. It’s about animals for food in general.”


marziglianos video Police officer and others view UPC's "Inside a Live Poultry Market" in front of Marzigliano's Live Poultry Market

UPC’s Live Poultry Markets brochures in English and Spanish and our DVD Inside a Live Poultry Market are being used by Friends of Animals United NJ (FAUN) for their ongoing protest demonstrations against live poultry markets. This group, headed by Anthony Botti, has staged a series of vigorous public education demos in recent months outside Marzigliano’s Live Poultry Market at 5217 Bergenline Avenue in West New York, New Jersey. Their next demo is Saturday, February 5 from 3:30-7:00pm. Please join them! Email: anthony@faunnj.org. Website: www.faunnj.org.

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