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11 February 2016
San Francisco Live Bird Markets Update

Thanks to the effort led by LGBT Compassion, United Poultry Concerns, and In Defense of Animals, together we succeeded in ending the live bird markets in San Francisco (2 locations), Richmond, and were working on Stockton when a California law was passed that bans the sale of live animals from open/outdoor/public spaces (parking lots, farmers markets, outside stores, etc.). Vendors closed their last location in Stockton and this essentially ended live bird sales in the San Francisco Bay Area. Unfortunately, Chinatown still sells live animals, mostly frogs and turtles, for consumption, though rarely (not for many years) birds. There is a store in Oakland that does sell live birds, mostly chickens. They can get away with it because the animals are inside a store. Indoor markets are not covered by the law, which applies only to outdoor areas. – United Poultry Concerns


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