22 April 2020

PawPAC Coalition Letter to CA Gov. Newsom and State Surgeon General Harris Urges Ban on California Sales and Importation of Wildlife and Non-Native Species for Live Animal and Slaughter Markets

Foreground: chickens in crates. Background: people standing in line at the market.
Live Chickens Sold in Sealed Bags by San Francisco Markets

United Poultry Concerns is pleased to be a signatory to this letter dated April 20, 2020. To view the coalition members and read the letter, click on Urgent Letter.

While this letter addresses the wild-caught animal trade including the breeding of wild animals for these markets, it’s important to understand that so-called domesticated animals – chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, pigs, goats, and others – are equal victims of this horrible business and are every bit as sick, stressed and brutally handled and killed as their wild counterparts. Animal farming, whether in the form of traditional methods or modern methods, is merciless. Contemporary live animal markets are living proof of how “food” animals have been treated for centuries by traditional cultures. Modern industrialized animal farming is not a departure from but an extension of raising and killing animals for food.

For more information about live poultry markets in U.S. cities, see Live Animal Markets & Auctions.

Interestingly, I received this reply from the then Office of District Attorney Kamala D. Harris (recent Democratic Presidential candidate) on June 24, 2009 regarding San Francisco’s live poultry markets:

From: "Erica Derryck" <Erica.Derryck@sfgov.org>
To: "Karen Davis" <karen@upc-online.org>
Cc: "districtattorney@sfgov.org" <DistrictAttorney@Sfgov.org>
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 5:02 PM
Subject: Re: San Francisco Live Animal Markets

Thank you for your email expressing concern about the treatment of live chickens at a San Francisco open-air market.

The District Attorney's Office prosecutes individuals who violate animal cruelty laws. The statute on animal cruelty very specifically makes exceptions regarding the handling of live poultry that is marketed for human consumption. This statute mandates what prosecutors can and cannot pursue. The law also precludes our office from prosecuting this individual under the other statutes you mentioned. Without a change to state law, there is no legal means to prosecute the individual in question.

Erica Terry Derryck
Deputy Public Information Officer
Office of District Attorney Kamala D. Harris

alemany_bird_in_bag (43K)
Live chickens in San Francisco are sold to customers in plastic bags.