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13 March 2015
Urge Chandler Arizona Chamber of Commerce to Cancel Cruel Ostrich Festival

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we posted our News Release: Ostrich Festival “Family Unfriendly” and Inhumane, Group Says.

Today we are asking you please to contact the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and urge that the Ostrich Festival and Races event, which has been going on for 27 miserable years of animal cruelty and human imbecility, be permanently cancelled.

Here’s why: http://theirturn.net/2015/03/08/the-running-of-the-ostriches

What Can I Do?

  1. If you live in the Phoenix area, please attend the protest planned for Sunday, March 15th.
  2. Sign the Change.org petition created by Phoenix activist Tina Riedel demanding that the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and Universal Fairs Stop Using Ostriches for Entertainment.
  3. Send your thoughts to the Chandler Chamber of Commerce President, Terri Kimble: terri@chandlerchamber.com and to the Special Events & Program Manager, Brianne Marr at: Brianne@chandlerchamber.com.
  4. If you have a Twitter account, please tweet your thoughts to @cityofchandler or retweet TheirTurn’s tweets about the ostrich races to the city.

For more information about Ostriches and Emus, who are members of the oldest living family of birds on earth, known as ratites, or flightless fowl, please visit our webpage on Ostriches & Emus at: http://www.upc-online.org/ostriches.

To order our brochures “Ostriches & Emus-Nowhere To Hide,” go to:

Thank you for taking Action to help these birds!
United Poultry Concerns

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