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July 14, 2016

Terri Kimble, President/CEO
Chandler Chamber of Commerce
25 S Arizona Place, Suite 201
Chandler, AZ 85225

Dear Ms. Kimble & Associate Members of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce:

On behalf of United Poultry Concerns, I am writing to urge you to remove the ostrich races from your 2017 Ostrich Festival and to retire the races permanently from the festival. We urge you to make the festival a positive event that respects the life and feelings of all creatures instead of making ostriches and other animals perform unnatural acts that demean them, put them in danger, and desensitize the public’s understanding of them.

Just as Chandler has evolved from a rural past to a high-tech center that benefits the town financially, so, we respectfully urge that the Ostrich Festival progress to an engaging and lucrative attraction featuring modern forms of entertainment that are free of animals.

The 2016 festival featured many new animal-free attractions including a Batman and Superman Show about “bullying.” Presumably, this Show showed children that real heroes do not act like bullies; however, the ostrich races and other animal acts are all based on bullying captive birds and other defenseless creatures to perform dangerous, demeaning, and unnatural acts.

Ostriches and emus are the oldest living birds on Earth. They evolved in Nature to roam vast open spaces. Their long necks and excellent periscopic vision enable them to survey the land for miles in all directions at once. They are NOT suited by temperament or anatomy to pull chariots and be ridden cowboy style. Their large fragile eyes, long necks and legs can be easily injured in these performances.

We urge the Chandler Chamber of Commerce to develop a festival in which all performers are voluntary human beings who understand and consent to the risks of participation. We urge the Chamber to teach children that they can have fun without making animals suffer for false entertainment. We urge you to get out of the animal abuse entertainment business.

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your attention.



Karen Davis, PhD, President
Email: Karen@UPC-online.org

United Poultry Concerns is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes the
compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl. http://www.upc-online.org

Federal ID: 52-1705678


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United Poultry Concerns is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes the
compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl. http://www.upc-online.org

Federal ID: 52-1705678