Freddaflower Memorial & Appreciation Fund

We thank those people who have contributed to our work with recent donations In Loving Memory and in Honor and Appreciation of the following beloved family members and friends:

  • In memory of my beloved red tabby, Felix, who died July 13, 2011. I adopted him when he was a 9-week old kitten from the New York Humane Society. He was my companion for 14 years. Felix is always in my thoughts and he is dearly missed daily. I will always love him. – Ana A. Garcia

  • In memory of Grace, a gentle brown hen who reminded me that God’s creation is beautiful and eternal. Grace reminded me that there is a priceless gift that comes with being privileged with the power to care for those who cannot speak for themselves. I am so grateful to Karen and UPC for giving her a wonderful life in her last few months. – Stacey Remick-Simkins

  • In memory of all the hens and roosters who are cruelly consumed by uncaring people. These birds are the most mistreated animals on earth. Thank you for helping them. – Hilde Wilson

  • My donation is in memory of Gwen (1997-2005) whose sweet spirit lives on in the beauty of her feathers. – Jazelle Lieske

Jazelle and Gwen the Turkey
Artist Jazelle Lieske with Gwen
  • In honor of Nero, Fredericka, Julie, Nathaniel, Leonard, and Bertha, remembered forever and sadly missed. – Paul Deane

  • My gift is in honor of All God’s Creatures. – Brien Comerford