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Chicken Killers Charged With Animal Cruelty by Contra Costa County DA Teenagers Strangled to Death Two Hens at El Monte Elementary School in November
Photo: Contra Costa Times    
linny and maxine On December 1, 2010, three teenage boys were arrested for strangling to death two hens, Linny and Maxine, who were living peacefully in their coop with two other hens at El Monte Elementary School in Concord, California. The school custodian found the hens on the morning of November 24.

Because the offenders are juveniles, the District Attorney’s Office cannot release their names; however, the case has been assigned to Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Tompkins, who assured UPC in a recent phone call that the DA has filed charges against all three juveniles. The case is being taken very seriously, she said, and rehabilitative counseling is involved. Under CA Penal Code 597, a person is guilty of cruelty to animals who maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates or wounds a living animal, or maliciously and intentionally kills an animal.

Ms. Tompkins said the DA’s office has received many letters from around the country urging prosecution of the killers of Maxine and Linny. UPC thanks everyone who responded to our Action Alert in the last issue of Poultry Press! Thank you for being a vigorous advocate for the birds!

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