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Spring 2016 Volume 25, Number 4
Poultry Press
Celebrating 26 years of dedicated activism for domestic fowl
Lucy came to our sanctuary in 2014 after being used with other hens for a type of research involving blood tests. Lucy loves to wait on the porch steps in the afternoon for me to come out of the house with kale and other treats for her and her friends. She loves sitting under the trees where little breezes ruffle her feathers on pleasant days. This photo of Lucy is featured in the Chicken Run Rescue Calendar for May 2016 in honor of International Respect for Chickens Day May 4th/Month of May. Photos are now being accepted for the 2017 calendar. TO ENTER: Send HIGH RESOLUTION DIGITAL PHOTOS to chickenrunrescue@comcast.net. Include your name and your bird's name, plus your address, phone number and email address. Include a story, in 140 words or less, about your bird's rescue, favorite friends or pastimes. Please send each photo with its story in a separate e-mail. The stories are as important as the photographs!

Inside This Issue

A Legacy of Compassion for the Birds

Free Ways to Help United Poultry Concerns Raise Much-Needed Funds

ra3 jan 2016 crr calendar
January 2016 Calendar Photo of Rae by Amy Leinen, courtesy of Chicken Run Rescue in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rae must be thinking to herself, “I’ve had quite enough of ‘Prisoned Chickens.’ Thankfully I was saved by Chicken Run Rescue.” Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs by Karen Davis is “Riveting . . . Brilliant.” - American Library Association. Order your copy from United Poultry Concerns.

Wishing You a Lovely Spring!
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