Freddaflower Memorial & Appreciation Fund

The pain of losing them is the price we pay for the privilege of knowing them and sharing their lives . . .

We thank those people who have contributed to our work with recent donations In Loving Memory and in Honor and Appreciation of the following beloved family members and friends, both those who have passed away and those who are with us.

Karen and Karla the Battery Hen
Karen and Karla at United Poultry Concerns.
  • In memory of Karen Davis, the best animal activist I've ever known! – Jamie Cohen

  • I shall be forever grateful to you for your compassion to domestic fowl. – Lynda Smith

  • In honor of my dear friend, Karen. Her work needs to live on. – Teresa D'Amico

  • In honor and memory of Karen Davis. – Lowell Garner

  • My sincerest condolences and heartfelt sympathy for your loss. Karen was very kind to me in getting a back issue of Poultry Press that I had lost. – Elizabeth Ayala

  • In tribute to Karen Davis, an inspiration, a hero, and a leader for a better world. – James Craner

  • My gift is in memory of Karen Davis. Thank you for making the world a better place for the birds and humans, too. We love you. – Daniel Caldwell

  • In loving memory and deep respect of Karen Davis. Please continue her work and keep her spirit in everything you all do. I will continue my monthly support of UPC. – Mary Lapara

  • In memory of Karen Davis, a true animal rights hero. – Robin Jacobson & Nancy Schindler

  • I'm so sad about Karen Davis. Please keep UPC going for the innocent and deserving birds. – Linda Myers

  • In honor of Geno, Blue Moon, Lance, Blue Angel, Lilac and Rosie. – Barbara Moffit

  • In memory of our cockatiel, Louie. – Holly Gurry

  • In memory of Karen Davis, who was a great lady. – Linda and David Hartge

  • In memory of Karen Davis.

    Elizabeth Krocheski
    Carol Moon
    Maria Blanton
    Donna Allen & Ross Allen
    Mary Catherine Epatko
    Catherine Broadhead
    Joanne Rongo
    Sharon Mayes
    Susan Wong
    Denise Scholz
    Catherine Broadhead
    Roberta Schiff
    Craig Cline
    Dr Virginia Johnson
    Marina Drake
    Suzan Porto
    Catherine Hankins
    Josephine Donovan
    Jeannie Williams
    Darlene Dynega
    Kay Linder

    Karen Morgan
    Debra Joseph
    John Bowles
    Sally Lounsbury
    Valerie Matei
    Audrey Haschemeyer
    Shirley Charney Feldman
    Jamie & Vincent Kordack
    Robert Owen Wucher
    David Winfield Bash
    Sandy Kavanaugh
    Mary Scott
    Lynn Gallagher
    Miriam-Friedel Leiseroff
    Joel Freedman
    Lisa Lamancusa
    Susan Tellem
    JoAnn Farb
    Marilyn Evenson
    Rachel Goodkind

  • What an inspiration Karen has been and will be always. Thank you for carrying on for her. – Howard Schultz

  • She is such a legend and I’m so grateful I heard her speak on several occasions. I wish I could have spoken to her personally. What a fighter, what compassion for the beloved birds! – Alida Labia

  • I’m so sorry about Karen’s passing. – Patricia A. Packer

  • In honor of Karen Davis.
    Marci McKenna
    Aaron Kromash
    Peter Wood
    Bill Bushnell Charitable Gift Fund

  • So sorry about Karen. She was truly a guiding light. – Michael Sauers

  • Thank you for your compassionate work! I honor the Memory of Dr. Karen Davis. – Bonnie Night

  • A part of Karen remains and will always remain. The energy of her truths speaks in a voice larger than life. – Linda Brink

  • Thank you, Karen. You will be missed. – Samantha Dunscombe

  • In memory of Karen Davis, and in honor of Kyle Robinson and Marty Golden. – Mx Lytwak

  • Given in memory of Karen Davis, who changed the world immeasurably for birds and all non human animals. Her memory is a blessing. – Barbara Glick

  • That we had Karen for so many years, minimizes the pain of losing her. She truly was a singular being, radiant and indefatigable. – Daniel Mariani

  • In memory of Karen Davis, to celebrate her life and work, which were one and the same, while we mourn her untimely passing. Aaron Rubin

  • In honor of Karen Davis’s life and work. – Sherry & Forrest Otto Zitter

  • In loving memory of Karen and in tribute to the turkeys. – Sorority Mansion

  • I have thought for many years now that not enough attention was being paid to the cruelty to birds caused by industrial farming of poultry. Ironically, I did not learn about United Poultry Concerns until I learned about Karen Davis and her work in the Wall Street Journal article about her passing. I hope that article, among others, has alerted many other people like me to donate to UPC. If so, then her passing was Karen's last significant push to help these wonderful birds. – Bruce McWhorter

  • I was so sad to learn of Karen's passing. Her dedication and ability to educate the public about the plight of domestic birds have been outstanding. Learning from her changed my life 30 years ago. – Merry Thompson

  • Karen, you were nothing less than amazing for what you did for chickens, birds and the rights of all animals. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You will be greatly missed. – Dena Picken

  • For chickens needlessly killed at “Fried Chicken Challenge” in Charleston SC and for chickens killed during flooding in NC. – St. Andrews Psychiatric Services

  • In memory of sweet chickens Renata, Little Man and Cloudy. – Glenda Wood