Personal Comments on the Powerful Contributions of Karen Davis

Patty Mark:

My heart goes out to all those who deeply respected, admired and were highly influenced by the remarkable Dr Karen Davis. I know I am aching to have learned of her death on November 4. Karen died peacefully at her animal sanctuary in Machipongo, Virginia at the age of 79. Karen was a bastion of support for animal activists seeking truth, justice and freedom for all. I have benefited greatly from meeting and spending time and conversation with this highly intelligent and powerful woman. Karen is the founder of United Poultry Concerns (UPC) and her work for birds and their rights is legendary.

Karen invited me to come speak at one of her well respected animal activist forums back in June, 1999 about our Openrescue work here in Australia. We are so grateful to Karen as this helped to spread the message about the importance of assertively and openly rescuing animals known to be suffering and dying in great pain but ignored by authorities. Even if some of our world still considers this non-violent rescue of helpless dying individuals theft.

The conference was at her chicken sanctuary in Virginia USA right in the heart of where literally millions even billions of birds were raised and killed for their eggs and flesh. I wondered at the time how she could bear living there, but later understood the importance and her bravery of choosing this site, It was the strong and steadfast Karen saying, "We are here. We stand for chickens, their rights, their intelligence, their individual personalities and choices. We will defend them until they have the respect and freedom they deserve." And that she did!

Oh Karen, it’s such a sad day to have lost you. You will be sorely missed.

Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland:

We are deeply saddened to hear this news. Karen was decades before her time in her activism for birds, one of the most forgotten animals. Her work was a beautiful combination of passion, intelligence and deep love and respect for the bird people she advocated for.

Mary Finelli, Fish Feel:

Karen Davis was the embodiment of the essence of animal rights. Philosopher Tom Regan paid her perhaps the highest compliment by referring to her as “my bellwether in the political storms that animal rights advocates have to face.”

She was that for so many of us, with her clear vision and brilliant observations of right and wrong. She was passionate and compassionate, and she elegantly articulated complex issues in ways that made them plainly clear and moved many.

Karen felt the horrors of the world deep in her soul but she also found great joy in life. She was vivacious and fierce, fascinating and funny. Those she befriended are truly blessed to have known her. She indelibly left her mark on the world in her relentless efforts to cause humans to be more civilized towards other animals, and she leaves a prolific library of her decades of advocacy and activism. United Poultry Concerns was a major inspiration for Fish Feel.

Twyla Francois:

Karen’s loss will be felt for decades to come. She was a tireless advocate for birds and a beautiful soul. We will all miss her terribly.

Pamela Rice:

Karen Davis was my mentor, my inspiration, on a short list of people, who—back in 1990—convinced me with heroism and compassion to dedicate my life to the vegan cause. I was exceedingly honored that Karen Davis attended all but one of the parades from 2008-2017. A shining light has now flickered dark. But the life of Karen Davis will shine for many generations to come, emboldening vegan and poultry activists far far far into the future. I am so blessed to have known you, Karen Davis.

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