New Podcast Series!
Thinking Like A Chicken – News & Views!

“I want to influence people to perceive chickens and turkeys in their own right, apart from the categorical traps in which they are typically held captive.” – Karen Davis

Photo of Karen and Rainbow by Unparalleled Suffering Photography

Karen Davis, PhD, President of United Poultry Concerns, has launched an informative podcast series of 10-minute episodes featuring life from a chicken’s point of view. If you were just “poultry” to most people, what would you want them to learn, say, think, and do about you?

“Thinking Like a Chicken” features short, articulate talks about these birds and our advocacy on their behalf. Topics range from inside the poultry industry to life in a sanctuary, a cockfighting ring, a school hatching project, a backyard. Ideas and situations that highlight these birds are discussed. Karen describes her personal experiences with chickens, turkeys and other domesticated birds for more than three decades along with the challenges and ethics of plant-based and “clean-meat” advocacy.

“Hi Karen, I read the transcript of your latest podcast. I take this opportunity to tell you something which I wanted to tell you since a long time: I do admire your insights, your courage and your determination.” – Paola Cavalieri (Italian philosopher, most known for her work arguing for extension of human rights to the other animals.)

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