3 May 2019

International Respect for Chickens Day Coloring Page

Dear UPC,

I'm so excited to donate this specially created art in honor of the annual International Respect for Chickens Day (on May 4)! It's a printable B&W coloring page that children and adults alike can get creative with and also use as a tool to start conversations about how people can help chickens.

Thank you from the bottom of my vegan heart for the ardent passion and hard work you put forth day after day and year after year, rescuing our feathered friends in need and unapologetically exposing the horrific plight of turkeys, ducks, chickens and other birds whom humans harm and exploit for pleasure and/or profit. The voices of UPC are strong and committed ones that I admire far beyond words.

In kindness and support,

Victoria Hart
Artist & Designer
Euclid, OH USA


  Printable Coloring Page