7 May 2019

“In Tune to Nature”

On May 7, Karen Davis goes live in a 20-minute Interview with radio host Sonia Swartz to talk about chickens and International Respect for Chickens Day - May 4th.

Description: Karen speaking at the 2016 Animal Rights conference

"In Tune to Nature" is a community-based environmental radio program broadcasting Tuesdays from 6:30 - 7PM from WRFG 89.3FM, a nonprofit noncommercial radio station in Atlanta, GA. It is hosted by volunteers and concerned citizens: Sonia Swartz (1st and 3rd Tuesday) and Carrie Freeman (2nd and 4th Tuesday). We dedicate the half hour to interviewing activists/nonprofits who stand up for nature and animals, giving them a much needed voice in the public sphere to educate us about their important work and how we can help. You can listen live at www.wrfg.org each Tuesday evening.

Sonia Swartz
WRFG Atlanta, Georgia
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