4 May 2021

International Respect for Chickens Day banner

Help UPC Circulate Our New Chicken Video for International Respect for Chickens Day

To celebrate International Respect for Chickens Day, we would like to invite you to participate in “digital leafleting” by sharing our new chicken video with your friends, family, and online community. Lately, we haven’t been able to “get in the streets” and connect with people one-on-one, but with most everyone spending more time than ever online, a great way to reach people, and touch their hearts, is with video.


Our new video, “Do you know who chickens are?” explores who chickens are individually and emotionally. There is possibly no other land animal more affected by our decisions, by our daily choices, than a chicken. Shouldn’t we know who they are? Shouldn’t we know how we directly affect them?

This video shows how chickens live with exuberance, enthusiasm, and curiosity. We see them in appropriate environments including forested places—running, roaming, crowing, and connecting with loving people. We also expose what chickens endure in industrial animal agriculture as they experience physical anguish as well as fear, anxiety, frustration, and boredom. The choices we make directly impact their lives.

Please watch this powerful video and support our digital leafleting by sharing it with your online community. We want everyone to know who chickens are so they are given the respect they deserve, on International Respect for Chickens Day and every day.

Do You Know Who Chickens Are?