13 May 2021

Woman reading Respect for Chickens sign

UPC Commuter Ads:
Kindness Is Contagious!

For International Respect for Chickens Day, our compassionate ads have hit the streets of Washington DC! For the month of May, our eye-catching “Kindness is Contagious” ads remind DC commuters that you can wash your hands of animal suffering by living vegan.

Our ad campaign this year also features mobile phone ads as fewer of us are out and about, so we’re bringing our compassionate message to where people are spending more time—on their mobile devices.

If you are in the DC area and see our ads, snap a photo and let us know!

Please support our powerful ad campaign with a donation so we can continue to bring our compassionate message to the streets for years to come.



For more information, see
International Respect for Chickens Day.


Please make every day Respect for Chickens Day!
United Poultry Concerns

Woman reading Respect for Chickens sign

Woman reading Respect for Chickens sign