Honda Stops Road-Kill Ad

UPC pressure pays! In December, American Honda ran an ad on national TV and in full-color magazine displays that showed a Honda Prelude and a chicken crossing a highway, with these words:

"If a chicken crosses the road at 3 feet per minute, and pauses to consume 2 kernels of corn placed 9 inches to the right of the road's center, and a Prelude VTEC 1,000 feet away accelerates from a stationary position towards the chicken, do you serve it with potatoes or stuffing?"

UPC immediately protested to American Honda. We sent out an Action Alert to national, state, and local animal advocacy groups and a News Release to the Business sections of major news media throughout the country. Two days later, American Honda faxed UPC: "In Response to your concern, we have taken immediate steps to stop circulation of the ad." Thanks to the many organizations that swelled our protest with powerful letters and phone calls to Honda. To thank Honda, contact Kurt Antonius, Corporate Public Relations, American Honda Motor Co., 1919 Torrance Blvd, Torrance CA 90501-2746 (ph: 310/783-3171; fax: 3622).