from “Is Letter Writing Enough?”

by Pamelyn Ferdin
1992 Spring Mourning Vigl for Chickens
UPC Protest Photo by Carla Varisco

[O]ne last thing: I am not tooting my own horn because I'm the first one to say I should be doing more also. But we must push ourselves out into uncomfortable situations. I remember how lonely and uncomfortable I felt the first time I did a protest alone, in the rain. People were yelling at me, but then others were praising me. It's better to have one person out there, than no one (although it really irks me that I couldn't find a few more people to protest with me). In my opinion, their excuses weren't convincing. Obviously the more people the better; but don't stay home because you can't find anybody to go with you. All you need is a huge, graphic photo (you can do this at any printing place that enlarges photos on their color copier), and a good caption on poster board. Let's stop praising ourselves for doing "whatever we can, even if it's a little thing" to help animals. Let's start looking at what we can do to bring about animal liberation sooner. How about if we all committed to spending one full day every weekend to doing a protest, or going to a college campus and distributing animal rights literature? If we can't spare one day every week to be active in this movement, then I fear the animals will be waiting a mighty long time to be liberated.

– NO COMPROMISE, Oct. 1996, p. 11.

NO COMPROMISE, Oct. 1996, p. 11. NO COMPROMISE: "The Militant, Direct Action Magazine of Grassroots Animal Liberationists & Their Supporters," Animal Liberation League, PO Box 240655, Apple Valley, MN 55124. Ph: 612-953-4293. email: