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31 October 2013
Suffering of Farmed Animals. Humane “Processing.”

Chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, quails, pigs, goats, cows, sheep, aquatic animals and countless other sentient individuals are being driven and forklifted into slaughterhouses, hooked, netted, electrified, gassed, boiled alive, butchered and dismembered every second of every day. They are forced to watch and listen to one another being abused, terrorized and killed by human beings. The only mercy they will ever know is death. These investigations provide a glimpse of the suffering on each animal-filled plate, including a video of “humane” turkey “processing” by industry spokesperson Temple Grandin.

1. Israeli Poultry Industry Exposed
An undercover investigation at the "Soglowek" slaughterhouse, in Israel, reveals severe abuse of chickens and turkeys. Israeli Channel 10 reporter and Anonymous for Animal Rights activist Ronen Bar documented the daily routines at one of Israel's largest chicken slaughterhouses. Among other things, chickens were filmed being thrown from great heights onto a conveyor belt leading to the slaughter station; some, who got stuck in the transport cages grille, get hung in the air by their heads, feet or wings until being pulled by employees and thrown onto the moving belt. Soglowek slaughterhouse holds an export license, and the company's products are approved by the USDA, and sold in the United States.

Watch some of the footage taken at Soglowek:
Soglowek slaughterhouse video

2. USDA plan to speed up poultry-processing lines could increase risk of bird abuse, The Washington Post, October 29, 2013
Having contributed information for this article, United Poultry Concerns is grateful but disappointed in the coverage, especially the claim that chickens and turkeys are “stunned” before their throats are cut. See Excerpt from PRISONED CHICKENS, POISONED EGGS: AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE MODERN POULTRY INDUSTRY.

Read the full article:
The Washington Post bird abuse article

3. Video Tour of a Turkey Farm and Processing Plant Featuring Temple Grandin
Notice that you don’t get to see anything that is really going on with the turkeys in the gas chambers and afterward. This video relies on ignorance of turkeys and the misconception that Temple Grandin thinks like animals and accurately interprets the behavior and feelings of turkeys in the conditions depicted.

Watch the video:
Turkey farm tour

4. Factory Farms Will Be Factory Farms
A report by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) finds that factory farms have not improved and in some ways have regressed, when it comes to animal welfare, public health and environmental issues, compared to five years ago.

Read the article:
Factory Farms Will Be Factory Farms


For more on these subjects, see http://freefromharm.org and http://fishfeel.org.

For a view of turkeys living like turkeys, see our homepage slideshow of a family of turkeys in Oregon at www.upc-online.org.

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