Saved from Santeria

Responding to a police call for help about a dangerous dog in July, the Washington Humane Society (Wash. D.C.) discovered three chickens and a pigeon living in tiny, filth-encrusted cages awaiting their fate as part of a Santeria ritual. None of the birds had food or water and the basement was littered with feathers and blood. The emaciated pigeon had to be euthanized on the spot. The three hens were removed from their horrid prison cells. Soon after, riding in the back of a Honda, they headed for UPC to join 23 other happy chickens spending their days foraging, socializing, and enjoying life. The first thing Amy, Iris, and Rose did on arrival was to clean and refresh themselves with a vigorous dustbath. The roosters rejoiced at the sight of Amy, Iris, and Rose!