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Photo by Rich Cundari

Fifty chickens rescued July 25, 2018 from a cockfighting operation in Virginia Beach, VA were brought to our sanctuary July 27, 2018, making a total of 50 rescued chickens including three roosters: Brandy Alexander, Scooter, and Rowdy. Brandy Alexander and one of the rescued hens produced an unexpected family in May 2019: five female chicks plus Kahlua, who grew up to become the beautiful rooster in this photo taken May 17, 2023 by photographer Rich Cundari. Kahlua shares a wooded area of our sanctuary with twenty or so adoring hens. He is an extremely courteous rooster who will not eat a bite of anything I throw on the ground until the hens have eaten their fill. Roosters “feed their families first.”

Photo by Rich Cundari

October 4, 2021 – United Poultry Concerns adopted Lucetta together with 11 sister hens from a mosquito testing laboratory in Virginia Beach, VA. She lives in our sanctuary happily with a flock of 40 other hens and Kahlua the rooster. They spend much of their day among the trees where they enjoy sitting on fallen tree limbs preening their feathers. Lucetta will often run up the red brick steps leading to the porch to sit quietly. She perches in a big bush at night where she can be seen outside a small window off the kitchen looking in on us from her leafy perch. She is very observant.

Photo by Rich Cundari

July 27, 2018 – United Poultry Concerns adopted 50 chickens rescued from a cockfighting operation in Virginia Beach. We expected all of them to be hens, but three turned out to be roosters. Rowdy is one of these wonderful roosters! He has 30 devoted hens to whom he shows great courtesy, always standing back to let them enjoy their treats before he mops up the crumbs. He especially likes crumbly banana biscuits and sweet potato biscuits. We are grateful to Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center for making this adoption possible and for taking the cockfighters to court on felony charges.

Photo by Karen Davis


Juniper, who in this picture is perched with her rooster friend Brandy Alexander in one of our trees, is one of 11 hens we adopted from the Norfolk Department of Health laboratory in the fall of 2020. Although these hens lived in cages before being brought to United Poultry Concerns, they quickly adapted to our world of trees, bushes, soil and sunlight. With her sisters and brothers Juniper soaks up the sun and dustbathes to her heart’s content. I took this photo as she and Brandy Alexander were settling down for the night one evening in October. – Karen Davis

Rupert and Dear Hen
Photo by Karen Davis

We adopted Rupert from Elke Romer in Pennsylvania. He was abandoned and walked right up to her and let her pick him up on the road. Elke made a 10-hour roundtrip drive to bring him to our sanctuary on September 26, 2020. Rupert was under a year old, probably born in the Spring, and whoever had him probably thought he was a hen until he started crowing, and then they abandoned him. We placed Rupert in his own predator-proof yard with a rescued hen we named Dear Hen, and they are a very happy couple with a nice house, plenty of straw, and several perches. He especially likes to perch right outside my office window where we can communicate throughout the day. – Karen Davis

Myrna the hen
Photo by Rich Cundari

Myrna is one of 50 hens and roosters we adopted from a cockfighting raid in Virginia Beach in July 2018. She lives very happily in our predator-proof sanctuary with her sister hens, and Rowdy the rooster is a constant companion of hers. Myrna dashes about the yard during the day, and she loves dustbathing and sunshine. She sleeps in a tree each night with Rowdy and the other hens who share their area together. She's a very happy and healthy hen, and we love having her with us.

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