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Attn: Illinois Voters
Support Bill to Ban Forced Molting

HB 0756 needs your strong and immediate support.

Illinois House Bill 0756, The Safe Egg and Laying Hen Protection Act, would ban the forced molting of hens used for egg production. As defined in the bill, “Forced molting means the deliberate withholding of food or water from a laying hen in order to induce a loss and regrowth of feathers for the purpose of increasing or extending egg production.”

Contact your Illinois State Representative and ask him/her to join the bill’s sponsor, Representative John Fritchey, as a co-sponsor of HB 0756.

Write to:

The Honorable (your State House Representative’s name)
(A separate thank you letter to the Honorable John Fritchey, sponsor of the bill)
Illinois General Assembly
State Capitol
Springfield, IL 62706

For more information contact Steve Gross of the Illinois Political Action Committee (HumanePAC, PO Box 197, Mahomet, IL 61853) at 217-897-6716, or email

Humane PAC
Photo by Carol Gross
Standing, left to right: Gene Bauston, Don Rolla, Bob Nixon, Aaron Gross, Joy Soderman, Karen Davis, Christy Belka, Jim Mason. Seated, left to right: Steve Gross, Freeman Wicklund, Peter Stevenson.

Illinois HumanePAC Historic Farmed Animal Legislative Meeting

“Great conversation and delicious vegan food flowed on this beautiful summer day.”
– The Illinois Lobbyist, a Newsletter of the IL Political Action Committee, Fall, 2000

On August 8, 2000, a group of North American and European animal rights leaders met in Harvard, Illinois to discuss Illinois HumanePAC’s farm legislative project. Attending the meeting were Gene Bauston (Farm Sanctuary), Christy Belka (Compassionate Action for Animals), Karen Davis (United Poultry Concerns), Aaron Gross (PETA India), Steve Gross (HPAC), Jim Mason (Author, lecturer), Bob Nixon (HPAC), Don Rolla (HPAC), Joy Soderman (HPAC), Peter Stevenson (Compassion In World Farming, Europe), and Freeman Wicklund (Compassionate Action for Animals). The bill to ban forced molting in Illinois—HB 0756—is one result of this productive meeting.