News Advisory

Coalition for Healthy and Humane Business Practices v. Never Ending Quails, San Francisco, CA

On April 15, 1997, the Law Offices of Miller and Miller filed suit in the Superior Court of the State of California, City and County of San Francisco, seeking an injunction against 12 San Francisco live animal markets to stop these markets from continuing to violate health laws, which prohibit the keeping and killing of live animals where food is sold, and humane laws which prohibit the torment and torture of animals. (See PoultryPress, Fall 1996 ; Winter 1996/97 ; Summer 1997 ; Fall 1997.)

Trial Held: The San Francisco Superior Court tried the case April 6-24, 1998. The judge has 90 days from April 24th to decide whether the markets can keep and continue to sell live birds--chickens, ducks, quails, pheasants, pigeons, etc.--and other animals including fish, turtles, and frogs. The judge could also rule that the markets can continue to keep and sell live animals, but with restrictions on their practices. Restrictions could, for example, include the number of birds per cage and the height of the cage, and require food and water. The judge could put limits on how many live birds can be shoved into a "shopping" bag at once, and so on. United Poultry Concerns supports a total ban on live animal markets. We will notify our members of the judge's decision.

For more information, contact Baron L. Miller, Law Offices of Miller and Miller, 1390 Market St. Suite 1204, San Francisco, CA 94102. Ph: 415-522-0500; fax: 0513. For an update on political events affecting the markets, contact Eric Mills, Action for Animals, PO Box 20184, Oakland, CA 94620. Ph: 510- 652-5603.