Action Alert

Mesa State College Professor Abuses Chickens, Students Charge

"Dr. Bruce Bauerle is a professor who teaches Outdoor Survival (Biology 113), a class that supposedly teaches people to survive nuclear war, etc., in the outdoors. For this class, a student must kill, by hand, a live chicken, gut the bird, prepare and eat it. Failure to do so results in course failure, though this cannot be found in the 1997-1997 Catalog. Dr. Bauerle also teaches Ornithology (Biology 412, 412L), in which students must kill, by hand, a live chicken, clean the bird, and then mount it with taxidermy techniques.

To try to kill the chickens, the students were told to smother and/or choke them. Both methods were unsuccessful. Some of the poor birds had their heads stuck in jars containing ether, in hopes that the fumes would kill them. This occurs every spring in this class."

What Can I Do?

  • Demand that the killing of animals as required by the above courses be removed from the curriculum. In 1997 the National Guard Bureau of the U.S. Departments of the Army and the Air Force announced the cancellation of the use of live animals in survival training courses: The Infantry Unit "is shifting emphasis in the program to include more confidence-building exercises and physical fitness drills. While rigorous and innovative training will remain the hallmark of the curriculum, live animals will no longer be used as part of the food preparation demonstration." Requiring students to kill chickens, when our country's own armed services have eliminated this activity, teaches nothing but crudeness and cruelty.

    Send complaints and request a reply, to:

    Dr. Michael C. Gallagher, President Mesa State College
    PO Box 2647
    Grand Junction, Colorado 81502-2647
    Ph: 970-248-1498; fax: 970-248-1903

    (You will probably get a letter saying everything is done "humanely" and Dr. Bauerle is a popular instructor, etc. Do not accept this dismissal of your complaint. Demand that Professor Bauerle eliminate the killing of birds from his courses.)