7 September 2020

This email is in response to an email by
Eric Pain, Greenwood Lake Commission
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September 7, 2020

Eric Pain, Greenwood Lake Commission
Via Email: Eric.Pain@dep.nj.gov

Dear Mr. Pain,

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your taking the time.

My understanding is that the swans on Greenwood Lake are “aggressive” as a result of the encroachment of the jet skiers disrupting their homes and disturbing their families.

So while I wrote to you in the hope that you will consider the swans, your reply sounds like another dreary excuse to destroy animals in their homes in the interest of human pursuits, however trivial in comparison with the swans’ needs and their justifiably self-protective behavior. What are the swans supposed to do when these jet skiers veer next to them and their families and habitat? Let themselves and their young be intimidated and potentially harmed?

You can resolve this conflict peacefully if you want to. But if you prefer injuring and killing these birds, for whatever miserable reason, you will do that. Not wishing to sound corny, but I am appealing to your better self in this matter.



Karen Davis, PhD
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Copied to Animal Protection League of New Jersey

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