9 September 2020

Mute swan in flight

Mute Swan Families in New Jersey Need Our Help!

Animal Protection League of New Jersey


Dear friends,

Time is limited for two beautiful mute swan families living on the 9-mile Greenwood Lake in Passaic County. By all accounts, jet skiers have been harassing the swans, swinging in close, for years. And by all accounts, local law enforcement officers have never issued summonses.

The practice was exacerbated by out-of-town renters during the COVID epidemic. To protect their families, the males began to bluff, to fly after skiers who came too close. Greenwood Lake authorities called in the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which called in USDA’s infamous Wildlife Services, which will kill the swans. Currently, area residents are protesting near the swans’ home on the lake to save their lives.

Time is short. Greenwood Lake Commission can cancel its request. Congressman Josh Gottheimer can demand that the federal agency stand back. The solution is simple: It is the end of the season, the jet skiers will go away. Volunteers and others can implement non-lethal approaches and work to obtain law enforcement.

To save the swans, please contact:

Eric Pain, Greenwood Lake Commission
Phone: 973.962.2241
Email: Eric.Pain@dep.nj.gov

Ask Mr. Pain to cancel the Greenwood Lake Commission's request to assess the swans. No USDA killing! Volunteers and others can implement non-lethal approaches and work to obtain law enforcement.

Congressman Josh Gottheimer:
Glen Rock Office: 201.389.1100 (9 a.m.- 5 p.m.)
Washington, D.C.: 202. 225.4465
Email: Josh.gottheimer@mail.house.gov

Ask Representative Gottheimer to demand that the USDA stand back. Tell him that you do not want the swans harmed. Allow non-lethal approaches and the proper law enforcement to be put into place.

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