Thanks to You, Our Wonderful Members

Edna and Ethel and the rest of our heroic little group of hens are looking gorgeous and doing great!

On August 24th, a speeding truck carrying thousands of "spent" hens to the slaughterhouse overturned on Interstate 95 in Springfield, Virginia. Joined by fellow UPC activists we saved sixteen birds from the wreckage despite police efforts to guard the "merchandise" from being "stolen." Our activism drew excellent coverage from The Washington Post, the CBS Nightly News, and News Channel 8, all of whom did sympathetic stories about the suffering of the chickens and the compassionate role of UPC.

Photo by Clyde Lassell
Edna--Rescued from truck overturn on I-95 in Springfield, VA Aug. 24, 1995

At the time of their rescue, these former "broiler breeder" hens were nearly featherless from the harsh life they had led before the accident. They were wounded, shivering, terrified, and bewildered. And Now?

It is now December and every rescued chicken is alive and well. When I walk outside, they run to greet me! Edna and Ethel, Minna and Pauline and all their friends now spend long hours resting in the sun and roaming through the woods! I love to look outside and see their white shapes among the trees, eagerly foraging for hidden treasures in the earth.

On behalf of Edna and Ethel and all of us here at UPC, thank you for responding so generously to our cry for help. Please remember us this holiday season. Your holiday gift will help to ensure that our chicken sanctuary, our chicken rescue and veterinary care, our public education programs, and research & investigation campaigns not only continue, but thrive in 1996. Thank You!

For The Birds,
Karen Davis

Please use my holiday gift to support your campaign to save every chicken in America and throughout the world from a life of cruelty, pain, and fear.

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