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9 September 2013
Animal Rights Philosopher Tom Regan,
Give a Cluck-Go Vegan, & More!

Philosopher Tom Regan, World’s No. 1 Philosopher of Animal Rights, Pays Tribute to United Poultry Concerns, tells how he loved to fish, wished to hunt growing up.
Read: What changed him.
- Tom Regan interview with Eugene Veg Education Network, September 2013


If You Give a Cluck, Go Vegan!
- Karen Davis, PhD, exclusive Interview with Veganpalooza, August 2013.

Are Chickens Smarter Than Toddlers?
- Karen Davis, rpt. Free from Harm.

Eliminating the Suffering of Chickens Bred For Meat
- Karen Davis, rpt. Healthy & Humane Observer.


Leave itty-bitty steps to baby chicks. Take a GIANT STEP. Go Vegan!

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