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23 November 2015
Thanksgiving Tragedy: A Visit to a Turkey Farm
UPC activists hold vigil for turkeys


A few days before Thanksgiving, activists with United Poultry Concerns visited a turkey farm to hold vigil for turkeys destined for slaughter. Thanksgiving is a tragic time for millions of turkeys who are confined and killed for this one day and every day. The activists felt it was important to bear witness to the suffering and go out to the place of the turkeys' confinement, but all they found were empty sheds as they were too late to offer comfort to the birds.

The buildings had been cleared out, and the turkeys sent to their deaths. The empty sheds were eerily quiet as thousands of birds had occupied the space just days, possibly hours, before. The sadness hit home as the activists realized they were too late, the turkeys had already been sent to a frightening slaughter.

Please watch and share this short video documenting their visit to a turkey facility.

Watch the video of a visit to a turkey farm
This video contains no graphic images


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Have a compassionate Thanksgiving!


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